Wholesale LED Tubes: Complete Price Breakdown

Aug 15th 2018

There's no doubt that fluorescent lighting (LFL) is slightly falling out of favor in comparison to LED lighting when it comes to both internal and external illumination. The latest models of LED lig … read more

LED Replacement Guide for Halogen Light Bulbs

Aug 2nd 2018

Have your halogen light bulbs burned out once again? While halogen lights are highly rated in comparison to other incandescent lamps, many people have begun making the switch from halogen light bulbs … read more

LED Wall Mounted Solar Light: Product Review

Jun 3rd 2018

Utilizing solar energy to power your lighting fixtures can be an economic, eco-friendly solution for individuals and organizations looking to save a few extra dollars on their electrical bills month a … read more

Shatterproof Light Bulbs for a Safer Workplace

May 31st 2018

Continually improving workplace safety should be a goal for any great company or organization. One area in particular many companies might not think about is taking the time to order shatterproof lig … read more

Exterior LED Lighting for Landscape Design

May 9th 2018

Showcasing the beauty of any property starts with great design. From a landscaping perspective, lighting always plays a pivotal role. Well-placed lights can add depth to shrubbery, enhance the visi … read more

LED Temporary Lighting for Construction Sites

May 9th 2018

You need mobile, affordable and extremely efficient lighting for your construction site. Not only that, you need something bright enough to light up a great big project clear as day. Many construc … read more

Commercial Light Fixtures for Parking Garages

May 3rd 2018

For top-quality, energy-efficient commercial lighting fixtures for parking garages, look no further than Superior Lighting. We carry among the very best assortment of lighting solutions at the most … read more
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