High Bay LED Lighting: The Complete Price Comparison

Aug 3rd 2018

High Bay LED Lighting: The Complete Price Comparison
It comes as no surprise that any warehouse setting needs quite a bit of lighting. In the past, fluorescent lighting was the go to option for individuals needing to light up their warehouse. Whether the warehouse was used for storage, as a place of business, retail location or even a recreational gym, it’s important to invest in lighting that shines bright and lasts a long time. At Superior Lighting, we often steeri our clients away from the conventional fluorescent high bay lighting and recommend high bay LED lighting instead. To help our clients choose the right high bay LED lighting for their warehouse, we wanted to provide the complete price comparison.

High Bay LED Lighting Options from Superior Lighting

The Economy LED High Bay

If you’re looking for the most basic high bay LED lighting option, this is the perfect lighting fixture for you. This provides you with an effective high bay LED fixture that is both long lasting and cost effective as it starts at $139.99. If you’re replacing your old conventional fluorescent lighting, this is a good transitional fixture to start with. This option provides great lighting coverage from 15’ to 50’ ceilings.

LED Sky High Bay

The LED Sky High Bay fixture may not look like the fixtures that you’re used to seeing in a warehouse setting in the past. With starting prices at $150, this modern design is thin and small. The great thing about it is that the LED lighting lasts a whopping 100,000 hours. How’s that for efficiency? The wide beam angle allows this thin LED high bay to spread easily down long aisles or shine on showcased products that you’d like your customers to see.

SPEC Grade LED High Bay

Starting at $159.99, this provides our clients with an engineered light that is energy efficient and long lasting. Regardless of what you utilize your warehouse for, this light fixture provides sufficient lighting for all types of industries. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size of this high bay LED light as it definitely packs a big punch!

LED Square High Bay

Great for commercial use, this LED Square high bay fixture provides you with consistent light distribution throughout your warehouse. This fixture starts as low as $139.99 and is commonly used in parking lots, gas stations, airports, warehouses, etc.

Economy LED Round High Bay

Starting at $204.00, this is a great option when replacing your metal halide fixtures. Get used to saving money on energy expenses by switching to the Economy LED round high bay fixture. Your workers and customers will have clear visibility throughout your warehouse with this efficient high bay light fixture.

SPEC Grade LED Round High Bay

This fixture provides extreme lighting precision and custom engineered light that lasts a very long time. At $278.10, you’ll be able to tap into long lasting lighting that is efficient and offers uniform color and light distribution throughout your warehouse. To top it off, this light fixture comes with a heat sink, reflectors and hassle-free mounting.

As you can see, our team at Superior Lighting has a diverse group of high bay LED lighting fixtures for you to choose from. If you’d like to learn more about these affordable options, give us a call today at 1-800-545-7778.
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