Solar Powered Lights Recommended for Commercial Use

Aug 2nd 2018

Solar lights are offer two-fold benefits to any facility that has them installed. For one thing, they help you tap into the abundance of natural power that spills down from the sky. For another thing, they can help you lower your operating costs which is an important part of maintaining the success of any commercial facility. Finally, you get to lead by example with your brand. Solar lighting is more ecologically responsible than other forms of lighting. Studies show that more than half of customers prefer to buy from companies with a green consciousness, so solar lights give you something to brag about.

Outdoor Solar Powered Lights Perfect for Commercial Salaries

Let’s explore some of the features of this solar powered motion security light. These fixtures will hold up under hot sun, icy snow, pounding rain, and all the hazards that mother nature can throw at you. These solar fixtures have time and detection distance settings as well as adjustable side lamp heads for enhanced illumination.

Protect Your Commercial Property with Solar Security Lights

These low-cost lights solar security lighting fixtures are great for parking lots or entryways and loading bays for commercial properties of all kinds. When you explore the specs of these lights, you’ll find them to be durable, adaptable features that are quite scalable for small and large properties.

• Movable side lamp heads tilt upwards, downwards and horizontally for maximum lighting coverage

• Perfect for all locations: garages, entryways, pathways, sheds and seldom-trafficked areas

• Comes with amorphous solar panel that charges the batteries in all daylight conditions, without the need for direct sunlight

• Completely weather resistant for full mounting flexibility

• No main power or wiring required

• Detection range of 180 degrees; detection distance: 30 ft.

• Lumen output: 1100

• Dual customizable settings: light duration and detection distance

• Comes with amorphous solar panel with 15 ft. wire, 180 triple head motion light, 3 x AA rechargeable batteries (pre-installed) and mounting hardware.

Find Solar Lighting Accessories to Maximize Commercial Operations and Efficiency

You can set solar lighting on timers, find high-pressure cinema film projection, and three circuit valve actuator mechanisms. These can help you customize your solar lighting features in any way you need. Commercial properties operate on a wide range of schedules and systems. These accessories can help you keep your facility running at its best with green, efficient, cost-effective lighting.

Learn More About Solar Lights Recommended for Commercial Use with Expert Guidance

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