Best LED Lights for Your Garage Workshop

Nov 21st 2018

Best LED Lights for Your Garage Workshop

Whether you use your garage simply as a spot to keep your car at night or for general storage of items you have no place for in your home or as a workshop, adequate lighting is essential. Garages often do not have windows and even if they have some lighting, it does not suffice– especially if you are working late at night or early in the morning.

The garage workshop is made for all those noisy, cumbersome tasks you can’t perform elsewhere, and thanks to our broad selection of LED lights, you can amp up the comfort and productivity factors tenfold. Installing the best garage lighting you can get your hands on will help to brighten your work space up. The work you carry out on your projects will benefit greatly from the increased visibility from our lights.

Round LED Garage Canopy Lights

The RCM Series Parking Garage Luminaire is an innovative solution that delivers an unparalleled combination of performance and visual comfort. The optical technology blocks the line of sight from the LED light sources to the observer, while extracting the maximum amount of light on task. This approach results in a high level of uniformity and vertical foot-candles that enhances safety in the application environment.

LED Ceiling Mount Canopy Fixture

LED Ceiling Mount Canopy Fixture

The 45 Watt LED canopy fixture works wonders for outdoor walkways, canopies, and small garages. Maintenance free with no bulbs to replace, the LED canopy fixture is super bright and replaces up to a 100 watt incandescent fixtures.If you’re tired of scrabbling around in the semi-darkness of the shadows of your current garage or canopy lighting, then this bright LED lighting is the perfect solution and its brightness is equivalent to up to 250 watt incandescent outdoor canopy lights.

LED Vapor Tight Garage Light Fixture

Tight Garage Light Fixture

Lighting up a location that is often damp or even wet can pose challenges—and the 48 moisture resistant LED fixtures rises to meet the challenge with ease. The energy-saving LED fixture provides reliable, long-lasting light solutions for horse barns, canopies, boiler rooms and any other location where moisture is a concern.

Vapor tight lights are ideal for garage lighting; not only is the LED low on energy costs, it also provides a bright light into dark corners, while its sealed fixtures make it dust proof and waterproof—ideal for any garage that also doubles up as a workshop.

Enhance Your Workshop Operations

Having the right lighting for your garage will obviously make working in it a lot more comfortable and easier. The above are just three of the LED lighting fixtures that we have available here at Superior Lighting. Other options include directional landscape lights, outdoor flood lights, roadway dusk-to-dawn barn lights, outdoor work lights and track lighting fixtures. In short, if any lighting issue can be solved by traditional illumination methods, and then it can be solved equally well by LED lighting solutions.

To learn more about these items, or to discuss anything about LED lighting with our team of expert advisors, simply call Superior Lighting at 1-888-577-1894 or use the online contact form on our website.