LED Solar Pole Lights: a Cost-effective Way to Increase Security

Dec 11th 2018

Businesses and households looking to increase security while reducing cost can get the best of both worlds with led solar lightthe right LED solar pole lights. Outdoor Solar lights are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative designed to provide light to your lot. This alternative will save you time, and money.

Another significant advantage of outdoor solar lighting is that it is easy to maintain. Aside from monthly cleaning and the occasional checkups, there’s not much you’ll need to do to ensure they last longer.

Security from Dusk to Dawn needn’t be a security nightmare with our high-powered LED solar pole lights, which combine LED and motion detection technology to light up and protect nearby areas. Let’s have a look at some solar pole lights from our collection and their features.

LED Dusk to Dawn Light for Residential and Commercial Use

The all-in-one design combined with the latest in lighting technology makes these LED solar security lights one of the best option available.

The power solar panel used in the LED solar security lights provides 8 to 10 hours of continuous light off one full charge giving out a powerful light when the built-in motion detector senses movement within the range of the premises.

With their waterproof design and wireless, these solar street lights can be easily mounted anywhere to provide adequate lighting for the street below. No matter what the weather, these lights will prevail.

superior lighting commercial security light

LED Solar Powered Commercial Street Lamp Post

Make that daylight feeling last longer with this LED commercial solar streetlight provides clear, refreshing illumination that is perfect for all your outdoor lighting needs. Bring the comfort of security to your activity areas while keeping your energy costs low.

High-quality illumination from our solar powered systems brings out the best in your rural or urban landscape, field, and backyard and so on for our LED outdoor solar powered light fixture operates on low-maintenance batteries that can light up the environment for more than 30 hours on full charge.

Mini LED Solar Wall Light

solar wall led light

Give your garage a security boost without breaking the bank. These very affordable wall-mounted solar lights provide

With over 400 lumens emitted through 29 individual LEDs, the waterproof and heatproof fixture provides one powerful light. The innovative LED technology also offers four different working modes – quarter brightness,half brightness, dim light, or full beam. a high level of security for its price. The environmentally friendly solar powered wall lights use motion sensors to turn on and off, ensuring no energy is wasted as they light the way for guests and scare away potential interlopers.

Additionally, the solar powered outdoor wall lights also offer mounting flexibility with detachable extension poles. Extend your lights out into the air with the poles, or simply attach them directly to walls or fences for more ambient light.

Reach Out to Superior Lighting For More Information on LED Solar Pole Lights

LED Solar Pole Lights are the most cost-effective way to improve your security while keeping costs to a minimum. We have the perfect products to upgrade your current set up. To learn more about how our pole lights can help you save, simply reach out to Superior Lighting by using our online contact form.

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