Best Industrial Pendant Lighting for Your Warehouse

Oct 31st 2018

Clear Acrylic Copper Bronze Antique Style Pendant FixtureLighting is one of the most expensive aspects of running a warehouse. It is important that all areas of your warehouse are suitably lit so that your employees can go about their day-to-day business safely and securely. It is also important that you choose the best industrial pendant lighting for your warehouse, so that your lighting bills do not factor too heavily into your profits. Pendant lighting is typically the best solution to your warehouse lighting needs. Pendant lights are singular light fixtures that are strung from your warehouse ceiling. They offer a radiant style of lighting that provides illumination to as wide an area as possible. They are typically arranged in strips, and can only be turned off and on as part of that strip.

Industrial Warehouse Style Pendant Light Fixtures From Superior Lighting

                                         Best Industrial Pendant Lighting for Your Warehouse

These Warehouse Style Pendant Lights are not only thoroughly efficient, they look great and come in a number of optional finishes – brushed nickel, old bronze or a range of light industrial colors – green, red, black or white.

Each light comes with a pendant shade that measures 16 inches across and they are 8 inches deep. Each pendant light comes with 12 feet of power cord and a matching canopy.These light fixtures do not come with bulbs, although of course we here at Superior lighting can supply you with bulbs too if you so desire. The light fittings are suitable for incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts, but we thoroughly recommend that you use our LED energy saving A19 shaped bulbs instead.

Our ‘warehouse-style‘ pendant light fittings are suitable for other uses besides warehouse facilities and office lighting. Our customers have bought them for internal use in their own homes, as they provide a superb talking point when used in a lounge or kitchen for an industrial aesthetic. Besides kitchen lighting fixtures, they have also been purchased for use in art studios, retail shops, restaurants and lofts.We can supply you with a range of warehouse pendant lights in all types of styles. Our decorative range will add a great deal of style to your warehouse, or wherever you choose to use them. We have a number of suitable styles, here are just a few:

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