Plastic Globes for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures


Our Plastic Globes are of the highest quality, most are available in clear, white and smoke color. We have the
following openings:Neckless, Threaded and Plain Lip.
Please select one of the categories below that matches
the globe to replace.
Don't forget the post filters.
How to Measure Plastic Globes
How to measure size of opening:
  1. Take globe off of pole or fixture.
  2. Determine if your globe is neckless (A) or with a lip (B)?
  3. Measure the height of the globe by sticking a tape measure through the opening down to the bottom.
  4. Measure the width of the opening across the top.
Plastic GlobesPlastic Globes

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Our durable plastic globes come in several different colors including clear, white and smoke colorings. These large globes are made out of durable acrylic, and work well as replacements for lamp posts for residential and commercial environments. These large, clear globes are weather resistant and ready for outdoor use in rain, snow, hail and hot sun. Superior Lighting offers these globes in threaded, necklace, and plain lip openings, guaranteeing you can find a globe that will suit your lighting fixture.

Plastic Light Globes can be mounted on top of lamp posts or secured upside down or sideways. They can also encompass one light bulb or many light bulbs, depending on the lighting application. Superior Lighting offers 3 types of plastic light globes with different openings: Threaded Lip Light Globes have 3.25-inch openings that are 6-inches in diameter; Neckless Light Globes have diameters ranging between 8 and 22 inches; Plain Lip Light Globes are offered with 3.25- and 4-inch openings.

All of Superior Lighting’s globes, lights and fixtures are available in wholesale options. You can find affordable prices if you need to light up multiple commercial locations or large residential spaces. We are passionate about lighting solutions that save you money while helping the environment. Contact ustoday for quantity discounts or call us at 1-800-545-7778.