LED Grow Lights: Expert Review on Most Popular Products

Aug 8th 2018

LED grow lights help indoor gardeners, farmers, and sustainability enthusiasts save the earth, and save on their electricity bills by being highly efficient. Here’s a review that should help you figure out what you need to know about some of the most popular products in this space.

Expert Thoughts On This Simple, Durable Steel-Bodied Led Grow Light


This LED grow light fixture works well for indoor plant growers because it is quite versatile. This light can be used on either fruited or flowing plants depending on which type you have. Not only that, the lights have a scientifically proven spectrum that enables and enhances all phases of the plant’s growth.

Notes and Details on Construction and Design:

This fixture features 125-watt grow lights are housed in a strong steel body. The fixture is easy enough to mount using the straps that come with the fixture.

Versatility and Customization: Modular Grow Light For Indoor Growers


Program these modular lights to work with just about any type of indoor crop. The lights work well for every phase of growing, and you can customize your grow environment. The fixture comes with channels for veg, grow and flowers. These also give growers the option to be daisy chained together in order to cover a wide growing net.

Cool-Running Grow Lights For Close Lighting: Led Grow Light T8 Linear Tube

These 17-watt LED Grow Lights give you a full light spectrum, with special emphasis on the blues and reds, which is good for different types of plants, and lets you experiment until you find optimal conditions and maximum light absorption in your growing space.

Industrial Scale Setups for Larger Facilities Commercial Grow Light For Indoor Growers

                                                   Commercial Grow Light For Indoor Growers

We find that bigger facilities and professional growers tend to prefer these commercial grow lights tend to work well. They hold the benefits of easy mounting, and they help you cover a big range of grow spaces. These last for an impressive 50,000 hours of expected LED life. Beyond these specs, you can mount these lights close to the plants they are supposed to be helping because they burn so cool. These efficient lights will help save money on your month-to-month electricity bills while cutting down on the amount of electricity dynamos need to crank out. This light works well in wet locations, which is important for grow spaces that are filled with humidifiers, sprinklers, and misters.

Learn More About Grow Lights with Expert Guidance and Assistance

Superior Lighting has helped a countless number of people illuminate homes, businesses and facilities and more. If you’re interested in learning more about grow lights that fit in big or small facilities, how to customize these lights to your crop, and the best ways to mount them, we would be happy to offer whatever assistance we can. Contact us online, where you can view pictures, prices and details on the grow lights above and many more options. Give us a call at 1-800-545-7778.

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