High Output Light Fixtures for Hangers and Large Warehouses

Jun 27th 2018

Light fixtures are very important when it comes to hangers & large warehouses. For the most part, lighting is often needed frequently within hangers and large warehouses. Without natural sunlight from windows, creating your own light through high output light fixtures is a great way to maximize the visibility inside your hanger or warehouse. So, if you are looking for high output light fixtures for hangers and large warehouses that are also energy efficient, our team at Superior Lighting is here to help you find the perfect fixtures.

The Superior Lighting Way

There’s a reason that our customers come back to us anytime they are in need of light fixtures, light bulbs, LED bulbs, and much more. At Superior Lighting, we have a passion for offering brand name, high quality lighting products at the most affordable prices around. With all of our lighting purchases, we offer a hassle-free return option or full refund if the light fixture you choose doesn’t meet your needs. We’ve been in the lighting industry since 1978 and have no plans of leaving anytime soon. When it comes to expertise, energy efficiency and variety, our overall service cannot be matched.

High Bay Lighting Fixture Options

The light fixtures that you invest in for your hanger or large warehouse should be high and away from any items that you may be storing. That’s why high bay lighting fixture options are so great. At Superior Lighting, rather than utilizing the standard fluorescent light fixtures, we offer LED Linear high bay lighting fixtures for greater visibility, less energy consumption and a longer lifespan. If you are looking for a slim high bay option for your hanger or large warehouse, consider the Sky Bay Light Fixture . Another option would be to invest in the LED Square High Bay which offers a long lifespan and no ultraviolet radiation distribution. If the round high bay lighting fixture is more appropriate for your hanger or large warehouse, our team at Superior Lighting offers the Economy LED Round High Bay Fixture and the SPEC Grade LED Round High Bay Fixture .

LED High Output Retrofit Bulbs for Existing Light Fixtures

If you’re not looking to replace your existing light fixtures for your hanger or large warehouse, our lighting specialists at Superior Lighting can still help. For many of our clients, we replace their old, poorly functioning light bulbs in their warehouse fixtures with LED high output retrofit bulbs. If you’re looking for light that is directed straight down, the Directional LED Retrofit Bulb is your best option. For those looking to direct light in all directions of your hanger or large warehouse, consider purchasing the very affordable OMNI Directional LED Retrofit Bulb.

If it is time for you to boost the lighting in your hanger or large warehouse, it is important to have the experts on your side to find the most affordable, energy efficient light fixtures around. That’s exactly what you get by investing in high output light fixtures from our dedicated team at Superior Lighting. To learn more about our LED light fixture options for your hanger or large warehouse, give us a call today at 1-800-545-7778 and let us find the perfect light fixtures for you.