Solar Powered LED Light Fixtures: Do They Really Work?

Jun 3rd 2018

Solar Powered LED Light Fixtures: Do They Really Work?

Integrity, product expertise, quality, and competitive pricing are four of the many qualities that have kept Superior Lighting going since 1978 and will keep us going for many more years to come! We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and lighting products to our growing customer base! One of the fastest growing segments of our business are solar powered LED light fixtures. Below we’ll explain the benefits of these fixtures and offer a few product options that could meet your needs if you’re looking to upgrade some of your existing light fixtures.

Why Use LED Light Fixtures?

This question gets asked often but doesn’t necessarily have a simple answer. LED lights are highly energy efficient and use roughly 50% less electricity than other incandescent lights.

LED lights won't just "burn out" on you randomly after just a short time of use. Instead, they will slowly fade with time, giving you a hint of when they will need to be replaced, but they also last an average 8,000 to 10,000 hours compared to a mere 1,000 hours like standard incandescent lights. This way you’ll spend less time and energy replacing light bulbs time after time.

LED's can operate just as well in cold temperatures as well as warm, making them the perfect lights for any desired location. Being mounted on a circuit board and connected with soldered leads instead of being made with glass, these lights are much more durable and will last you much longer.

Where some lights take a few seconds to get to their brightest point, LED lights immediately are at their brightest when they’re first turned on. With most incandescent lights, the more they are turned off and on, the more they fade. But no matter how many times LED lights are turned off and on their lifespan typically will not be affected, making them the perfect lights for motion sensors.

LED lights are made with basically no infrared, radiated heat, or ultraviolet radiation, reducing the risk of being a burn hazard to people and other materials. Being able to see the different qualities and efficiencies of LED lights will help you make the best choice in finding the right LED light fixtures for your facility or home.

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing LED Lights from Superior Lighting?

Superior Lighting offers you the advantage of a wide array of solar powered lights. These lights are very efficient in that they are pollution free and will cause no greenhouse gases to be produced on installation. They also don’t have any sort of dependency on foreign oils or fossil fuels. Once these lights are installed, they require little to no maintenance since they will last for many years.

These are just a few of the advantages of having solar powered lights at your home, business, or industrial facility.

One of our most popular solar-powered LED light fixtures is our MINI LED SOLAR WALL LIGHT . These easy to install, low maintenance mini LED solar lights are perfect for mounting by your porch, back patio, by your garage, or along pathways! Their lifespan is long, and you won't even have to worry about changing the batteries since the sun is obviously charging your new light for you each and every day!

Be Sure to Look Through the Options Superior Lighting Has for All Your LED Lighting Needs Today!

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