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LED Parking Garage Lights

Our garage lights are sophisticated ensembles of technology purposefully designed to revolutionize your garage lighting fixtures.

Round LED Garage Canopy

Round LED Garage Canopy

Choose from 3 wattages, motion sensors and emergency batteries. For Commercial garages, storage areas, canopies and walkways.

Square LED Garage Canopy

Square LED Garage Canopy

Choose from 3 wattages, motion sensors and emergency batteries. For Commercial garages, storage areas, canopies and walkways.

Recessed LED Gas Station Canopy Light

Recessed LED Gas Station Canopy Light

This series evenly illuminates gas stations, tunnels, or canopies with LED Light. Choose from multiple wattages and outputs.

Halo Effect Garage Canopy

Halo Effect Garage Canopy

Decorative ceiling canopy for walkways, garages and modern loft spaces. Choose your wattage, motion sensor, and finish.

LED Vapor Tight Garage Light

LED Vapor Tight Garage Light

Waterproof, dustrproof and maintenance free. Choose from multiple wattages, motion sensor and battery back-up options.

Wide Beam Canopy

Wide Beam Canopy

Wider spread for better area coverage. Choose from 2 watt tunable options, motion sensors and emergency batteries. 


What are LED Parking Garage Lights and Why Use Them?

LED garage lights combine unmatched brilliance with paramount energy efficiency. At its core, LED technology utilizes diodes to emit light, contrasting the conventional light bulb that heavily relies on filaments. When it comes to understanding brightness, “lumens” is the term to recognize. It measures the brightness of the emitted light. On the other hand, “wattage” is all about the energy consumed. When scrutinizing garage lights, it’s a simple equation: higher lumens + lower wattage = unmatched energy efficiency.

Types of LED Parking Garage Lights and Their Applications

With different form factors and designs, LED garage lights can be tailored to fit a myriad of use-case scenarios, ensuring your space is illuminated with precision.

Round LED Parking Garage Canopy

The essence of a round LED garage canopy light lies in its versatile design. Its round nature ensures a more uniform light distribution, making it perfect for spaces that require consistent illumination. Whether it’s an underground parking space or a warehouse, the evenness of the light pattern from this fixture is hard to rival.

Square LED Parking Garage Canopy

Square LED garage canopy lights, often favored for their modern appeal, also serve functional benefits. Their geometric design aids in spotlighting specific areas, ensuring no corner remains obscured. Best suited for commercial garages or spaces with dedicated workstations, these lights epitomize the marriage between form and function.

Recessed LED Gas Station Canopy

Size does matter when it’s about seamless integration. The recessed LED gas station canopy lights, as their name suggests, are designed for settings that demand a more subtle lighting profile.

They nestle comfortably into ceilings, providing bright illumination without protruding obtrusively. This makes them an excellent choice for gas stations or any industrial setting prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Halo-Effect Parking Garage Canopy

Ever imagined an aura of light, a halo that not only brightens but also elevates the aesthetic appeal? That’s the magic of halo-effect garage canopies.

These lights offer a gentle glow around their perimeter, adding a touch of sophistication. Ideal for upscale garages or showrooms, their allure lies in the balance of illumination and ambiance.

Vapor Tight Garage LED Light

Protection and performance blend in the design of LED vapor tight garage lights. Built to withstand elements like moisture and dust, these light fixtures are crafted for challenging environments.

They encapsulate energy efficiency in a rugged exterior, ensuring brightness isn’t compromised by external factors. Workshops, garages exposed to the elements, or even damp basements can significantly benefit from these lights’ resilient nature.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing LED Garage Lights

Brightness and Lumens

Brightness isn’t just a convenience but a necessity, especially in spaces where precision tasks are undertaken. Lumens measure the amount of visible light a bulb produces.

Unlike the old incandescent bulbs where wattage indicated brightness, with LEDs, you’ll want to look for higher lumens if you want a brighter light. Depending on your space and requirement, select the lumen count that ensures visibility without over-illuminating.

Energy Efficiency

One of the standout benefits of LED technology is its energy efficiency. Consuming significantly less power than traditional light bulbs, LED garage lights cut down on energy costs without compromising on brightness. Observing wattage can give you an idea of how energy efficient a bulb is—the lower the wattage, the less energy it uses.

Longevity and Lifespan

Nobody likes the constant hassle of replacing bulbs. LED garage lights, renowned for their longevity, promise fewer ladder-climbing episodes.

A quality LED bulb can last for years, even with consistent use. So, while they might seem pricier initially, their extended lifespan often results in cost savings in the long run.

Warranty and Support

A testament to quality is often reflected in the warranty that backs a product. A long warranty period not only indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product but also assures you of its durability. Additionally, considering the kind of customer support offered can save potential future headaches. Reliable support ensures that if issues arise, they’re promptly addressed.

Installation and Maintenance of LED Parking Garage Lights

Every product’s potential can be maximized when correctly installed and maintained, and LED garage lights are no exception. Ensuring that these lights are correctly set up and regularly checked can prolong their lifespan, guarantee safety, and deliver optimal lighting results. Let’s delve into the intricacies of ensuring these fixtures serve you best.

Proper Installation

Proper installation is paramount to ensure safety and optimal light distribution. Begin by switching off the power at the circuit breaker to prevent any electrical mishaps. Next, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

While most LED garage lighting fixtures come with standard fittings, each model might have its nuances. Make sure the light fixtures are securely mounted, and connections are tight.

Routine Maintenance

Despite their durability, LED garage lights still benefit from occasional maintenance. Regularly dusting the fixtures and bulbs ensures they remain clean, thus preventing any dimming due to dirt accumulation. Also, periodically check for any signs of wear or damage to the fixtures or wiring. If a bulb does go out, replace it promptly to maintain consistent lighting levels.

Safety Considerations

Safety should never be an afterthought. Always ensure that your garage lights are installed away from flammable materials. Also, although LEDs are cooler than traditional bulbs, they can still get warm.

Regularly inspect the fixtures for any signs of overheating or damage. If you come across a flickering light or one that turns off unexpectedly, it could be indicative of an electrical issue and should be addressed immediately.

Environmental Benefits of LED Parking Garage Lights

As industries and businesses globally strive for sustainable solutions, the spotlight is increasingly on energy-efficient products. LED garage lights are at the forefront of this movement in the lighting sector. Not only do they offer superior illumination, but they also present a range of ecological benefits that make them a clear choice for the environmentally conscious.

LED lights, especially those designed for garages and large spaces, play a pivotal role in reducing energy consumption. Here’s how:

  1. Reduced Energy Consumption: LED lights consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. This directly translates to decreased greenhouse gas emissions, which is a crucial step toward combating climate change.
  2. Longer Lifespan: The average LED garage light lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This means fewer replacements, which in turn results in less waste. When applied to an entire lighting system, this can also save you a lot in replacement costs. Finally, Fewer bulb changes also mean reduced manufacturing impacts.
  3. No Harmful Elements: Unlike some traditional lighting solutions, LED lights don’t contain harmful substances like mercury. This ensures that when they’re disposed of, they don’t leach dangerous materials into the environment.
  4. Decreased Heat Emission: Traditional bulbs release a lot of their energy as heat, which can inadvertently increase room temperatures, pushing air-conditioning systems to work harder. LEDs emit very little heat, aiding in maintaining a stable temperature in the area they illuminate.

Incorporating LED garage lights is a step forward for our planet. Their ability to illuminate spaces efficiently while treading lightly on the environment makes them a responsible choice for businesses and suppliers keen on green initiatives.

Get your LED Parking Garage Lights from Superior Lighting

In today’s world, where energy efficiency and sustainable choices are paramount, energy efficient LEDs continue to dominate as a top choice for industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Their unique blend of durability, longevity, and brightness makes them an irreplaceable asset for any setting.

Superior Lighting has been at the forefront of providing high-quality lighting solutions to businesses and suppliers for years. With our vast range of LED garage lights, we promise both performance and peace of mind.For those ready to make a switch or upgrade their existing lighting setup, there’s no better time than now. Our team at Superior Lighting is ready to assist you to help you find the right lighting solutions for your needs.