Shatterproof Light Bulbs for a Safer Workplace

May 31st 2018

Continually improving workplace safety should be a goal for any great company or organization. One area in particular many companies might not think about is taking the time to order shatterproof lig … read more

Exterior LED Lighting for Landscape Design

May 9th 2018

Showcasing the beauty of any property starts with great design. From a landscaping perspective, lighting always plays a pivotal role. Well-placed lights can add depth to shrubbery, enhance the visi … read more

LED Temporary Lighting for Construction Sites

May 9th 2018

You need mobile, affordable and extremely efficient lighting for your construction site. Not only that, you need something bright enough to light up a great big project clear as day. Many construc … read more

Commercial Light Fixtures for Parking Garages

May 3rd 2018

For top-quality, energy-efficient commercial lighting fixtures for parking garages, look no further than Superior Lighting. We carry among the very best assortment of lighting solutions at the most … read more

LED Wall Packs for Storage Facilities

Feb 27th 2018

LED wall packs for storage facilities are an effective way in which your company can increase safety for both your workers and your customers. Increased safety should be a core priority for any stor … read more

Why LED Lights Are Ideal for Indoor Gardens

Jan 17th 2018

LEDs are an efficient and environmentally conscious choice for lighting indoor gardens. These bulbs can provide your plants with the light they need to grow all year long. LEDs can also be used to c … read more

Wholesale LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

Jan 15th 2018

Lighting the exterior of a gas station is a little bit more complicated than it may appear. The fact of the matter is, lighting intensity, brightness, coloration and tone all create subconscious me … read more

How to Correctly Measure Plastic Light Globes

Jan 12th 2018

Getting a proper measurement for your plastic light globe is a crucial part of the process of lighting your home, street, workplace or communal location. The conventional wisdom for any project, big … read more
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