Wholesale LED Lighting Fixtures: Finding the Best Deals Online

Dec 6th 2018

If you need to light up a business, franchise or series of warehouses with LEDs, you need to find wholesale options from a reliable supplier. Whether you are searching for lighting options for one location or 100 of them, LEDs remain by far the most efficient choice when compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps. This applies to lighting for rental properties, garages, supermarkets, gymnasiums, airport hangars and various other applications.

Superior Lighting LED Parking Lot Light

Superior Lighting has supplied countless businesses with eco-conscious, cost-effective lighting solutions. As a business, you may be faced with a number of different competing wholesale options when it comes to LED lights. The sad truth is that some of these providers will stiff you with flimsy products that break down or won’t operate safely. However, Superior Lighting is confident in the quality and price point of our products.

While you’re probably familiar with both the environmental and economic virtues of LEDs fixtures, you may not know that you can also get a great deal for them online. We’re able to offer energy-efficient lighting at a lower rate because we’re an authorized distributor as well as a stocking dealer for a number of top name brand companies. By dealing in bulk amounts, our company can quote you a lower price without making you settle fora poorly made product.

Here are some of the best deals on wholesale lighting fixtures available from Superior Lighting:

LED Flood Lights for Security

wholesale LED flood lights

If you need to illuminate a chain of hotel gardens, parks or other large landscaping projects, these  LED floodlight fixtures are an excellent wholesale choice. They are appropriate for both nighttime security and recreation depending on the nature of your area. Miniature pro golf courses can deploy these throughout the grounds and run them for hours without making their electric meters spin a mile a minute.

Consider the fact that many of these installations currently use large security fixtures that mount bulbs that use upwards of several kilowatts. LED security floods consume less than a third of this on average. This can lead to substantial savings that can pay for the initial cost of the installation.

Semiconductor-based LED floods also last much longer since the diode-based lighting elements don’t have flimsy filaments that burn out or break over time. You’ve probably looked at a glass bulb and seen some black material inside because it’s conked out due to overuse. Think about how many hours a security floodlight has to remain on and it quickly becomes obvious that wholesale purchases of these kinds of units can save quite a bit of money in replacement costs alone.

Nothing lasts forever, and you will eventually need to replace them, but some units can last over 50,000 hours before they need replacing.

LED Parking Lot Lighting

wholesale parking lot lighting

If you need to light up an enormous amount of parking lot space, the most cost-effective way to do this is through wholesale LEDs. These LED parking lot lighting fixtures are strong enough to withstand wind, snow, rain and even sleet. They’re generally sturdy enough to stand up against mild hailstones as well. Even if they do suffer weather damage, it’s generally not as severe as if you used other lighting technologies since they don’t have large exposed glass envelopes that can shatter.

Older mercury vapor fixtures in parking lots begin appearing as if they the wrong color over time because the sun can bleach and crack plastic fixtures when exposed for long periods. Considering that there’s nothing to protect the ones you have hanging outside in a parking lot, they need to durable enough to resist bleaching and overheating under those rays. LED parking lot fixtures fit the bill by being resistant to sun damage, and they are also bright enough to keep your parking lot safe at night while energy efficient enough to keep electric bills low.

LED Office Fixtures

wholesale office lighting fixtures

For businesses that need to light up large offices, possibly at multiple locations, our  LED Office Fixtures provide an energy saving choice. They provide a comfortable and healthy color spectrum, which addresses a common complaint that is levied against fluorescent office lights. Details like this are an important part of employee morale and energy, not to mention comfort and safety.

Those who are concerned about efficiency in the workplace might cringe whenever they turn on a bank of fluorescent tubes and wait through the striking procedure. If you’ve ever waited for one of these to come on while watching it flicker, then you know the problem. LED office fixtures offer instant-on performance, and they give off very little heat. This might even you dial back the thermostat a bit to save even more power.

LED Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

wholesale warehouse lighting fixtures

Many professionals need to find lighting options for more than one warehouse. That’s where these  warehouse lighting fixtures from Superior Lighting can help. Your business will benefit from the cuts to your electric bill. LED fixtures can provide a bright clear environment for your staff to work in.

Those who store sensitive products may have had problems with UV rays damaging goods. Square high-bay LED warehouse fixtures are available that feature special filters to remove all measurable quantities of ultraviolet rays. They’re perfect for anyone who has to work with delicate materials.

Solar LED Light Fixtures

wholesale solar led light fixturesWhile all LED lamps can save you power, solar LED light fixtures can take this trend to a whole different level. They might not be right for all use cases, but these units won’t draw any mains electricity so they won’t run up your utility bill at all. They can replace units that are currently drawing power or even get installed where attaching utility lines wouldn’t otherwise be feasible.

Indoor LED Ceiling Lights

wholesale ceiling lighting

lush mount and strip indoor  LED ceiling light fixtures both have the style of other lighting technologies without any of the drawbacks. If you’re interested in interior design or want to preserve a certain architectural style, then you might have been concerned about switching to LED fixtures. Fortunately, these decorative designs are every bit as attractive as they are eco-friendly.

How to Find More Wholesale LED Options

If these or any of our other lighting products seem like the right fit for your business, call Superior Lighting at 1-800-545-7778 or visit our website to see a selection of prices, styles and more information. We love helping your business save money on your electric bill while providing you with more energy-efficient solutions that help out the environment, so we’re looking forward to sharing a bright future together.