​Vintage Light Bulbs: How To Enjoy The Look Without Sacrificing Energy Costs

Oct 16th 2018

Society has experienced a consistent revival of vintage appreciation. From furniture to light fixtures, the demand for period-specific aesthetics is undeniable. At the surface, some might consider this to just be a matter of “how bright you want the room”, but lighting is comprised of everything from the physical construction of a fixture to the luminance, and warmth of individual bulb.

The next time you are in need of lighting bulbs, consider Edison bulbs as an energy-efficient, cost-effective, wholesale, vintage LEDs available from Superior Lighting and check out the options in vintage lighting fixtures below.

Canopy Oil Rubbed Bronze Cage Antique Style Pendant Fixture

                                                               Bronze Cage Antique Style Pendant Fixture

Spruce up your room’s design with the canopy cage pendant fixture. It features a 10" canopy for a historic look, and is enhanced by the cage. With both beauty and an exclusive sense of style, it's the perfect choice for a home, bar or restaurant.

Brushed Bronze Antique Style Flush Mount Fixture

The Flush Mount Fixture works with a broad range of looks. Its simple design and brushed bronze color make it the ideal choice for traditional, contemporary, transitional or rustic styles, illuminating an area with a warm brilliant light.

Antique Bronze Hexagon Antique Style Pendant Fixture

                                                                           Antique Hexagon Style Pendant Fixture

The Decorative Hexagon Antique fixture adds character to any room. Vintage inspired, it was designed to preserve the look of early 20th century lighting. It sets the tone for a warm atmosphere in any room. This visual ambiance is able to immediately communicate the purpose and personality of the room.

Copper Bronze Antique Style Pendant Fixture

                                                                    Copper Bronze Antique Style Pendant Fixture

Infuse a cozy atmosphere into any room with this Antique pendant fixture. With three light bulbs, it disperses warm light throughout the room, contributing to its unmatched ambience. Suitable for a kitchen, bedroom, corridor or living room as well as a bar or restaurant, this fixture is a mood changer.

Clear Acrylic Copper Bronze Antique Style Pendant Fixture

Our Clear Antique style pendant fixture is vintage inspired, with a copper bronze base. Its clean and simple design, lend to its beauty and exclusive sense of style. The light emits a beautiful radiance over an entire area and is a perfect addition to rooms that want to give off the vibe of a bygone era.

Save Money and Buy Wholesale LED Vintage Bulbs from Superior Lighting

Whether they are used to bring a little old-fashion glow to your kitchen or to enhance the ambiance of a restaurant, Edison bulbs are a great way to compliment your décor. To get the best value when buying light bulbs, you want to stock up and purchase from a company that offers wholesale pricing options. With great customer service and competitive pricing, Superior Lighting is here to help you take care of all your home, office, or business lighting needs.

Create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere with Superior Lighting’s environmentally friendly and budget-friendly LED vintage bulbs. If you have any questions at all about our LED lights or wholesale options, let us know by calling 1-888-577-1894 or filling out our online contact form.

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