LED Landscape Lighting: The Complete Buying Guide

Nov 26th 2018

LED PAR38 Outdoor Flood Light


You can use LED landscape lights for any number of reasons, but the most common reason for their use is the illumination of paths,stairways and areas of specific interest. This type of lighting also provides an important safety aspect as they light areas that otherwise would be shrouded in darkness, removing an easy access point for potential thieves and burglars.


Why not enjoy your garden at night, or improve the safety of your property? Here is the complete LED landscape lighting buying guide provided by the team at Superior Lighting.


Why choose LED landscape lighting in the first place?


You are probably asking yourself why you should choose LED landscape lighting, as opposed to more ‘traditional forms’ of lighting, such as incandescent or fluorescent lighting?


That’s an easy question to answer! First, LED lights use much less electricity than other types of lighting, and secondly they are a lot safer. The bulb aspects of incandescent lights are traditionally composed of glass, which is dangerous, especially in external areas that are easy to access.


You can even have solar panel attachments added to your LED landscape lights, so that they draw their power from the sun by day, and then use that energy to create light during the hours of darkness.


LED Landscape Lighting Options For All Your Needs


LED PAR38 Outdoor Flood Lights


LED PAR38 Outdoor Flood LightFor flood illumination we recommend our LED PAR28 Outdoor Flood Light from Ushio. For a high output outdoor LED flood light (that can also been used indoors) there’s really no better quality bulb.


This light is suitable for a full range of business applications, but can also be used safely in external areas to provide exceptional levels of flood lighting. Fully dimmable, the LED PAR38 should give you around 25,000 hours of light before it needs to be replaced.


Available in three wattage ratings (17W, 18W, and 23W) you can also choose the color temperature, dependent upon the wattage you choose.


LED Directional Landscape Lights


LED Directional Landscape Lights


Uplighting, achieved by strategically placing light fixtures on the floor and pointing them up, can provide dramatic effects and add beauty to your home’s appearance after dark. With LED Directional Landscape Lights you not only dramatically improve the presence of your home or business, you provide an extra layer of security as well.


There are a number of options available:

  • LED Landscape Flood Lights
  • LED Path Bollard Lights
  • LED Wide Floodlights
  • LED Parking Lot Street Lights

All come with their own distinct features and uses – if you would like to know which type of LED directional landscape lights are best for you, please contact us.


LED PAR20 Light Bulb


For more subtle areas of landscape lighting, we recommend our LED PAR20 light bulbs. These make ideal replacements for fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and are highly cost effective – a mere 8W of LED power is equivalent to 50W of ‘traditional’ bulb power.


This bulb is available with a range of color temperatures – warm white, soft white, cool white and daylight – and has an outstanding rated life of 25,000 hours.


                                                                   LED PAR20 Light Bulb


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