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LED Bollards

Lighting serves a dual purpose in our lives, combining functionality with aesthetics. LED Bollards rise to the occasion, offering not just efficient path lighting but also a visually pleasing environment.

LED Modern Bollard

LED Modern Bollard

Suitable for building entryways, walking paths and pedestrian plazas.

LED Pathway Lights

LED Pathway Lights

Multiple Lengths and Both 1-Sided and 2-Sided Options Available.


At Superior Lighting, we’re your reliable partner for cutting-edge, efficient lighting solutions. Let’s take a closer look at why LED bollard lights are the perfect modern lighting solution.

Why LED Bollards are a Smart Choice for Modern Lighting

Traditional bollard lights often fall short when it comes to energy efficiency. LED Bollards, however, can significantly cut your energy consumption, saving you up to 80% on electricity bills compared to traditional lighting options.

But LED Bollards are more than just energy-efficient; they contribute to safety and aesthetics as well. Whether you’re illuminating a commercial parking space or accenting a residential pathway, these bollards provide brilliant yet non-glaring light. Their versatile designs easily fit into different architectural styles, beautifying your space while enhancing visibility.

Perhaps what makes LED Bollards even more appealing is their long lifespan, often exceeding 50,000 hours of usage. Couple that with reduced maintenance costs, and you have a lighting solution that serves you well over the years without draining your resources.

Types of LED Bollards for Every Need

LED Modern Bollards

If you’re looking for bollard lighting that complements modern architecture, LED Modern Bollards are your go-to option. These bollards boast sleek lines and minimalist designs, fitting effortlessly into high-end residential landscapes and trendy commercial spaces.

LED Commercial Bollards

These robust bollard lights are built for durability and functionality, meeting the specific requirements of commercial spaces like malls, parking lots, and business parks. They can also be used in entryways and driveways.

LED Pathway Lights

LED pathway bollards are purpose-built to illuminate walkways and outdoor spaces with both efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Designed for durability and easy installation, they offer focused lighting that enhances safety while minimizing light pollution. These fixtures are a smart choice for both commercial and residential settings, providing reliable and elegant path lighting solutions.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing LED Bollards

Luminosity and Coverage

When selecting LED Bollards, it’s crucial to consider their luminosity and coverage. The right brightness ensures a well-lit path, while ample coverage guarantees that no spots are left in the dark, making your space safer and more accessible.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

An often-overlooked aspect is the energy efficiency ratings, usually measured in lumens per watt. Choosing a high-efficiency bollard light can dramatically lower your operational costs over time.

Material and Durability

Given that bollards are often exposed to various weather conditions, the material used in construction is a vital factor. Opt for bollards made from durable materials like stainless steel or hardened plastic to ensure longevity.

Get Your LED Bollards from Superior Lighting

LED Bollards offer an unmatched blend of energy efficiency, aesthetic versatility, and longevity. They are the ideal lighting solution for a variety of applications.

Superior Lighting is your ultimate destination for high-quality lighting options. Our products meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that you’re investing in a solution that’s not just energy-efficient but also reliable and durable.We invite you to browse our catalog to find the right LED lights for your needs. And if you have any questions or need assistance choosing the perfect lighting option for your project, you can contact our team today.