Waterproof Lighting Fixtures for Commercial Kitchens

Jun 3rd 2018

Waterproof Lighting Fixtures for Commercial Kitchens

Having the right light fixtures for your business are sometimes hard to come by, yet they are so very important for the end product of the area they are in! It's a necessary part of life to have lights and having the right ones can change the entire look and function of your commercial kitchen. Being able to see the recipe you're following and the measurements you're making is an important part of being in a kitchen, and all of this depends on the lights you have illuminating the area. Be sure you have the best ones possible!

Reasonably Priced Waterproof Lighting Fixtures for Commercial Kitchens

Take a look at the reasonably priced light fixtures that Superior Lighting offers for commercial kitchens.

LED Surface Ambient WS Series from Cree Lighting

These strong and sturdy waterproof light fixtures are perfect for over the sink or even the stove where things are liable to get damp with steam and water. With a simple yet beautiful design, this very capable LED IP65-rated luminaire produces up to 98 lumens per watt. It is perfect for hot or cold weather installations that require LED waterproof lighting.

These light fixtures have a warranty of 10 years of effectiveness: up to 98 LPW Lumen

Lumen Output: 4700 - 6300 L Wattage: 50 - 64 W

16 Feet LED Tape Light Kit in Bright White Includes Driver and Dimmer – Waterproof

These LED strip lights are an amazing investment for any area in your business. This light strip includes a driver and dimmer, making it a perfect light to accent different rooms and create many different atmospheres for your kitchen or eating establishment. These 16ft. lighting strips are perfect for shedding light on hard-to-light areas and are flexible so they can go around corners. These products are for indoor use only.

If you desire the outdoor LED 16ft. Strip lights check out the waterproof version. These lights are very similar to the indoor ones, yet they won't give you any problems if they get rained on or the moisture in the air gets to them! These lights will work great for that new patio you just installed outside yet haven't been able to find the right lights for!

Work with Superior Lighting to See Our Other Waterproof Lighting Options for Commercial Kitchens

Whether you're moving into a new commercial kitchen and getting ready to add new lights or it's just time to update the lights you already have, these lights we’ve mentioned above will provide a world of difference for you and your team! How nice will it be to see exactly what you're working on in your commercial kitchen? Once you have seen how they work out we are sure you won't regret your decision! Give our team a call at 1-800-545-7778 or browse through our online catalog featuring commercial light fixtures from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Whatever your style, we’re sure to have a fixture that will meet your needs. We look forward to working with you to enhance the lighting in your commercial kitchen.

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