Solar Powered Street Lights: Why Make the Switch?

Jun 28th 2018

Making the switch to solar powered streetlights offers considerable benefits to both communities and the surrounding environment. Let’s explore some of the benefits of installing solar-powered streetlights.

Make the switch and enjoy highly efficient street lighting with solar power

You can take a big bite out of operational costs when you use solar powered lighting. These lights aren’t hooked up to the power grid, and make use of the wealth of energy the sun pours down on the earth every day. You get the street lighting you need with considerably fewer maintenance costs. This is partly because a solar light is designed without external wiring. This also reduces the risk of certain electrical hazards and accidents as well. Add these to a reduced carbon footprint, and you have a persuasive list of benefits.

Solar Street Lights Save Money Over Time to Make Up for Higher Installation Costs

Even though you may encounter slightly higher installation cost when you are outfitting a street with solar lights, making the switch can help you save money in the long term, because the monthly electrical bills will be lower for each following month.

Simple Integration for Solar Lights with Existing Infrastructure

Installation is also quick and easy, with relatively simple integrations and attachments for most solar powered lights. This is because they can be mounted onto a diverse range of setups in all sorts of environments. It doesn’t matter if you need to light a street, private driveway, parkway,

Solar Street Lights Designed for All Weather Environments

As with any other street fixture, you need to be concerned about harsh weather. That’s why it’s best to have a solar streetlight encased in a durable, weather resistant casing to guard against moths, flies, rain, intense heat, and ice.

Use Solar to Power LED Lights for Even Greater Efficiency

Combining solar lighting’s ecologically conscious power source with highly efficient LED bulbs, you make your lighting system beneficial both to your bottom line, and the surrounding environment. LEDs are far more efficient than their incandescent counterparts, and they burn much longer. This means you spend less time worrying about replacement costs, and less time up on stepladders swapping out bulbs. This makes them an incredible option for municipal options like street lighting where busy work crews are always out on a job.

Learn More About the Benefits of Swapping to Solar Lights with Expert Help

Solar power plush highly efficient LED bulbs combine the benefits of efficient bulbs with green power sourcing. Superior Lighting has helped innumerable people and organizations supply themselves with lights and fixtures that help their bottom line, while helping the earth at the exact same time. If it’s time to update, repair or replace your street lights, and you’re curious about how you can gain all the benefits that come with making the switch to solar lighting, we would be happy to help you out. Contact us online, where you can see pictures and prices of our offerings, or give us a call at 1-888-352-0492.
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