Exterior Lighting Fixtures for Commercial Buildings: Why Choosing LED Is the Your Best Option

May 25th 2017

Exterior Light Fixtures For Commercial Buildings: Why Choosing LED is the Best OptionSome time ago, LEDs emerged in the lighting industry. Everything about the “new” technology seemed ideal: LEDs cost less money than other light technologies to operate and LEDs lasted longer than other light technologies too. However, people quickly realized that the newly emerged LEDs had 1 downside: they gave off an unsightly bluish tint. Therefore, the new LEDs weren’t as revolutionary as their manufacturers expected them to be… until now.

Technology has finally caught up with the expectations of the lighting industry and right now LEDs are better than ever. Today, LEDs are available in an expansive range of color temperature options—and that’s just 1 benefit added on to an extensive list of already-established benefits. Here is why LED light products are the best option for outdoor commercial lighting:

Get The Look You Want

LED technology has come a long way since it was first introduced in household and commercial light bulbs and light fixtures. Every kind of light fixture offered in halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent has an equivalent LED—and LED far surpasses all of them in terms of energy-efficiency, cost savings, and longevity. The only advantage one might find in having exterior commercial light fixtures that are halogen instead of LED is heat. LED lights give off minimal heat and halogen lights are known for getting pretty hot. This is beneficial for locations in cold climates where snow and ice are a factor, because the lights can melt the snow and prevent it from blocking light coming from the fixture.

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Save Energy, Spend Less Money, and Be Nice to the Earth

Even with the blue-hue LED light bulbs, energy savings has always been LED’s leading advantage over other light technologies. It’s common knowledge by now: If you install LED light bulbs and fixtures, you might spend a little more money upfront, but in the long run you’ll save money by spending less money on energy bills and replacement light bulbs. Additionally, LED light bulbs and light fixtures are dimmable and can be set up to be motion-activated. Many conventional light options cannot be dimmed, and some even take a while to turn on. LED lights are instant on, do not hum, and do not contain any toxic materials (like mercury).

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