CFL Applications
Compact fluorescents are being used in residential applications replacing incandescent and halogen lights. They provide relatively shadow-free lighting in residential applications and because of their small size can fit nicely into sconces, ceiling lights and table lamps.
The lumen output of a compact fluorescent bulb is quite high compared to incandescent light sources that use a lot more energy. 

In commercial applications compact fluorescents are extremely popular for hallway sconces in hotels and condominium associations as well as recessed lights in offices. They have an average 10,000 hour life compared to an average of 2000 hours for standard halogen lights. 

Compact Fluorescent emit a crisp, bright light that is well-suited for detailed task work as well as ambient lighting.

Many warehouses and outdoor security lights are being retrofitted with large, high wattage compact fluroescent bulbs that can even replace 250w metal halide bulbs in warehouse fixtures or parking garage ceiling lights. Compact fluorescent bulbs are now available from as low 
as 5 watt mini CFLs to as high as 105 watt large (12 inch) CFLs.