Buy Color Kinetics EssentialWhite LED Lighting Systems

White color LED lighting system by Color Kinetics. Lighting systems are very complex and include a vast variety of parts and accessories. We've taken the time to add important information on each product page including the accessories that compliment each system and their respective spec sheets. Please read the product description carefully before calling us. CK products are specially ordered.

The EssentialWhite (eW) series from Philips Color Kinetics offers a full-range of professional single-channel LED lighting fixtures, available in a range of color temperatures. Fixtures in the eW series offer all of the advantages of LED lighting — including long useful source life, energy efficiency, simplicity of installation, and no-maintenance operation. Optibin, an advanced binning algorithm, exceeds the recognized standards for color quality to guarantee uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature across LED sources, fixtures, and manufacturing runs. eW fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics can be connected directly to line voltage, and can be dimmed with selected commercially available reverse-phase (ELV-type) dimmers. eW Flex SLX and eW Accent MX Powercore can be controlled with the full range of LED lighting controllers from Philips Color Kinetics to produce black-and-white dynamic effects and video displays. Buy Color Kinetics Light bulbs from Superior Lighting at wholesale prices. Color Kinetics and LED bulbs or LED fixtures can be color changing LEDs or white LEDs. They are now suitable for use as replacement MR16 LEDs, and PAR38 LEDs for spot and directional lighting in both commerical and residential applications. LEDs are particularily used by color kinetics for color changing outdoor lights and LED signage bulbs.