GU24 Base CFL

We have a big variety of GU24 base CFL's that are a great option to replace incandescent bulbs.
Please match your shape with one of the light bulbs below. Be prepared to choose your wattage
and color temperature.
(2,700k = warm white | 4,100k = cool white | 5,000k = daylight)

GU24 Light Bulb

Smallest. Brightest. Longest lasting. Most energy efficient. Describing our compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is just as easy as using them. From two watts to 68 watts, these little marvels range from SpringLamps® to floodlights, decorative globes to circline lamps. And they fit any incandescent application. Indoors and outdoors – in chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, recessed cans, wall sconces, vanity strips, and more. We even offer the fresh2, a CFL to eliminate odors. Where will you use our CFLs? Anywhere!