Best Exterior LED Warehouse Security Lighting Fixtures

Oct 7th 2016

Before products are shipped out to a more permanent location, warehouses are home to hundreds of merchandise items that can have a combined worth of thousands to millions of dollars. Many companies take numerous safety precaution measures to ensure the stock within their warehouses remains untouched by the wrong hands.

Light fixtures mounted on the outside of warehouse buildings, for example, are an incredibly important feature to have because they discourage unwanted intruders from coming into the vicinity. Exterior light fixtures on warehouses also enable better vision for employees working at nighttime and make visitors feel safe if they are at the location when it’s dark outside.

Superior Lighting Sells High Quality LED Wall Packs

Superior Lighting offers a wide selection of LED lighting options, including a collection of LED Wall Pack Security Lights, which are perfect for warehouses, parking lots, and more.

All our LED security lights feature an aesthetically pleasing low profile design. Every one is equipped with a polycarbonate prismatic lens, which provides shatter-resistance, and they are dust and bug proof sealed. Housed in a grey-finished aluminum encasement, Superior Lighting’s LED Wall Pack Security Lights are capable of providing your facility with a classic and consistent appearance.

Superior Lighting supplies LED Wall Pack Security Lights in a variety of wattages and sizes, including: small 27-watt, medium 45-watt, large 63-watt, and extra large 90-watt.

Why LED Lights are the Best Option for Exterior Warehouse Lighting

High Intensity Discharge, or HID, lighting is a common technology used within wall pack security lights. HID lights produce a color temperature that resembles natural daylight and, more than the average halogen light bulb, HID lights release an incredible amount of light. Unfortunately, HID lights lose up to 70% of the light they produce due to internal reflection. And, if power to the lamp is lost or shut off, HID lights require 5 to 10 seconds before they can be relit.

Light-Emitting Diodes, or LED, lighting is a better option for exterior warehouse lighting, because they do not have a filament that would eventually burn out or break. They have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than any conventional light bulb. And, on top of it all, LED lights never have to warm up before illuminating light.

Ideal for Warehouses: 45-Watt LED Wall Pack Security Light

The best lighting option for exterior warehouse security is the 45-watt LED Wall Pack Security Light. Medium-sized, the 45-watt security light emits 3200 lumens. Superior Lighting carries the 45-watt security light in two mounting options: direct wall mount and conduct mount. It is lightweight, tough, and long lasting.

Save Money and Increase Safety When You Install LED Lighting

Warehouses have exterior light fixtures put in place for a multitude of reasons. Lights provide added security to a facility and all of the merchandise inside, and they make customers and employees feel safer. Moreover, exterior security lights allow a company to keep an eye on their warehouse when nobody is there.

Clearly security lights at warehouse locations are a must, but why should companies choose to install LED lights over other light options?

LED lights can last for up to 27 years without having to be replaced, which means less company resources going towards light bulb maintenance and replacement. LED lights are not made with harmful substances, such as mercury, and they are 100% recyclable.

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