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LED Lighting Power / Data Supplies

Give power to your Philips Color Kinetic lighting systems! We have Data Adapters, Data Enabler
IntelliPower, IData Receiver IntelliPower, PDS-150e,
PDS-375 TRX, PDS-60 24V, PDS-60ca 12V,
PDS-60ca 24V, PDS-60ca 7.5V,

Buy Color Kinetics LED Lighting Power / Data Supplies

These power / data supplies are expertly and specifically designed to provide power and data to our color-changing, intelligent white, and fixed-color LED lighting fixtures. Industry-leading features include power factor correction, conduit-ready connections, and auto-switching from 100 to 240 VAC

Buy Color Kinetics Light bulbs from Superior Lighting at wholesale prices.  Color Kinetics and LED bulbs or LED fixtures can be color changing LEDs or white LEDs. They are now suitable for use as replacement MR16 LEDs, and PAR38 LEDs for spot and directional lighting in both commerical and residential applications. LEDs are particularily used by color kinetics for color changing outdoor lights and LED signage bulbs.