Buy Color Kinetics Green HIppo Media Server 

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  • Green Hippo Hippotizer Grasshopper

    Color Kinetics

    Green Hippo Hippotizer Grasshopper

    DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQGreen Hippo Hippotizer Grasshopper If your project needs a single output of full HD fed from 12 media layers in a robust but compact rackmount form then meet the Hippotizer GrassHopper. The latest...
  • Green Hippo Critter

    Color Kinetics

    Green Hippo Critter

    DescriptionShipping & ReturnsGreen Hippo Critter If you only need to run 4 video layers and you don't need dual/pan output or HD media then the HippoCritter Rackmount might be the solution for your project. You get built-in Media encoding,...