Buy eColor Blast Powercore Lighting Systems

eColor Blast Powercore is an LED lighting fixture providing a high-intensity wash of colored light while offering superior energy efficiency. Rated for outdoor use, eColor Blast Powercore offers the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Powercore technology in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing. eColor Blast Powercore is ideal for applications as diverse as highlighting architectural features, lighting signage, and accent lighting in retail and other interior spaces. Integrates patented Powercore technology — Powercore technology rapidly, efficiently, and accurately controls power output to eColor Blast Powercore fixtures directly from line voltage, supporting long fixture runs and eliminating the need for external power supplies. Contractor-friendly installation using standard mounting and wiring dramatically simplifies installation and helps lower total system cost. Extremely low-maintenance operation — With long useful source life, eColor Blast Powercore can significantly reduce or eliminate maintenance problems, allowing the use of colored lighting in spaces where lamp maintenance may be impossible. For example, you can effectively highlight building features from positions accessible only by crane. Versatile lighting options — eColor Blast Powercore is available in solid red, green, blue, and amber, and four beam angles: 23° and 36° for soft edges, 86° with no optic for uniformly washing façades, and 10° for extended light projection. Rugged die-cast aluminum housing is available in white or black. Flexible light positioning — Fixtures can be mounted to a junction box on a wall, ceiling, or floor for maximum flexibility. Locking base swivel offers friction-free rotation of up to 350°, and 110° fixture tilting provides quick fixture positioning without special tools. Support for multiple voltages — Accepts power input of 100, 120, 240, and 277 VAC, allowing installation and operation from line voltage in a variety of locations. Dimming capability — Patented DIMand technology offers smooth dimming capability with selected commercially available reverse-phase ELV-type dimmers. Buy Color Kinetics Light bulbs from Superior Lighting at wholesale prices. Color Kinetics and LED bulbs or LED fixtures can be color changing LEDs or white LEDs. They are now suitable for use as replacement MR16 LEDs, and PAR38 LEDs for spot and directional lighting in both commerical and residential applications. LEDs are particularily used by color kinetics for color changing outdoor lights and LED signage bulbs.