HID Light Bulb Components

  • Base is one of the main components of a HID lamp.  It serves as the electrical contact.
  • The stem serves as the passageway to the mount. 
  • Arc Tube is a capsule that gets filled with gas which the electric arc passes through.
  • The electrical leads bring the current toward the arc tube.
  • Tungsten Electrodes is the lamp base that serves as the electrical contact.
  • Outer Bulb made of heat resistant glass, maintains a constant temperature within the lamp and serves as extra protection for the arc tube while absorbing UV radiation emitted from the arc. 
  • Main difference in HID lamp components is the composition Mercury Vapor Arc Tube. 
  • Metal Halide lamps are the most efficient light in the HID family. 
  • High pressure sodium lamps use mercury and sodium vapors which create a yellow tone light. 
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