When to use Halogen Light Bulbs


Halogen lamps can be used in many applications, commercial and residential are the most common. There are also many different types of halogen bulbs used in many applications from landscape lighting, to security lighting, accent lighting and even medical equipment. 
In commercial application they are well suited where space is limited, great for retail lighting with their low UV levels being ideal for museums. Halogen MR16 bulbs are commonly found in track lighting or small recessed cans. Larger PAR bulbs are found in landscape lighting, security lights and high ceilings. 

In residential application they are well suited for detailed work areas because of their high light output, they are ideal for kitchens and offices and can be found all throughout homes in track, recessed and outdoor lighting. 

Halogen lamps are good for any applications in which standard incandescent are used.


Krypton & Xenon can be used in many applications, commercial and residential are the most common. 
In commercial applications Krypton & Xenon are ideal where minimized maintenance is desired as they have higher light output and longer life. 

In commercial applications Xenon is great for accent lighting, sign & display and automotive lighting. 

In residential applications Krypton have replaced incandescent because of there higher light levels.  Xeon can be found in undercabinets and landscaping in residential applications.
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