1. More costly than incandescent - halogen bulbs are a little more expensive than incandescent and sometimes require a low voltage transformer. Today they are considered inexpensive compared to CFLs and LEDs.
  2. Heat - Halogen bulbs emit a LOT of heat. It can be very uncomfortable to sit under halogen bulbs in a kitchen, work space or elevator. They can be dangerous to touch when turned on.
  3. High Pressure Gas – May require shield - halogen bulbs require some shielding in most applications in case they shatter.
  4. Cannot be touched with hands - halogen bulbs should not be touched with bare hands even when cool. The oil from your fingers will heat shortening the life of the bulb.
  5. Short Life Span - possibly the biggest drawback of halogen bulbs is their short life span which averages only about 2000 hours. When lit 24/7 this translates into about a 6 month life span. Changing bubs every 6 months is costly and time consuming. 
  • More costly than standard incandescent
  • Prevalence of diluted xenon lamps