What are the differences between Halogen Bulbs?

HALOGEN: KEY DIFFERENTIATORSWhat are the differences between Halogen Bulbs?

  • There are two basic halogen reflectors, dichroic and aluminum.
  • Dichroic reflects visible light forward and allows invisible infrared light or radiated heat to pass through the back resulting into a pink back spill. 
  • Aluminum reflectors reflect light and heat forward and it is not ideal for pendants or lights where some back light is need to light the entire fixture. 
  • Total frost dichroic reflectors perform the same as the dichoric, but results into a white light back spill instead of pink. 

GU10 has become the most popular line=voltage shape and has many attributes such as:

  1. Non directional ambient halogen light source
  2. Functions like a low voltage bi-pin in higher voltage application
  3. Double glass envelope eliminates need for shielding. 
  4. The mixture of Xeon gas in halogen bulbs maintain the bright white light for halogen lamps and helps increase the overall life of the lamp.


Krypton & Xenon Gas 

Gas origin 
  • Affects the quality of the gas
  • Only made in a few countries

Amount of gas used
  • Manufactures tend to use less gas to minimize cost 
  • Higher quality lamps produce higher output and longer life
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