What are the advantages of Halogen Bulbs?

  1. Bright white light  - Many people like halogen bulbs because of their clear, crisp light that makes a room seem larger and colors extra bright.
  2. Compact size - The small and varying shapes of halogen bulbs makes them excellent choices for low profile or smaller fixtures and they can direct light in flood or spot beam angles.
  3. Dimmable  - Halogen bulbs dim very well making them excellent for homes and restaurants where varying light levels are needed.
  4. High CRI = 100 - The color rendering of halogen bulbs resembles incandescent and they render color extremely realistically making them excellent bulbs for retail, fashion, printing and jewelry stores.
  5. Optics - Halogen bulbs come with various reflector shapes and sizes making them excellent bulbs for directional, accent and flood vs spot lighting.
  • Brighter, whiter light 
  • Long Life: 3x longer than standard incandescents 
  • Equivalent light output at lower wattage levels
  • High CRI = 100
  • Dimmable XENON 
  • Long Life: 10x longer than standard incandescents 
  • Lower pressure gas than krypton and halogen 
  • No shielding required
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