Halogen Bulbs Care and Troubleshooting


Dimming Issues:

Solution: Operate lamp at full brightness for 15 minutes once a week

Halogen Bulb Blackens And Burns Out Too Quickly:

  1. Check for overheating. Make sure the fixtures is rated for the wattage bulb you are using. 
  2. Check that your transformer is working properly. 
  3. Halogen bulbs have to be on long enough to reach their usual temperature in order for the chemicals in them to work properly. Do not use them for closet lights or refrigerator lights.
Halogen Bulb Cracks or Explodes or Burns Out With A Smoky Appearance:
  • Although halogen bulbs have a slight risk of doing this anyway, this usually means that the bulb cracked from a stress due to contamination. The bulb contains substantial pressure and the quartz bulb operates at lead-melting-hot to red-hot temperatures. Any sort of salt, ash, or alkali can slowly leach into the hot quartz and cause strains, causing the bulb to crack.
Avoid touching the bulb with bare skin! Clean any contaminated bulbs with a clean cloth or paper towel or tissue soaked with alcohol, then rinse with distilled water. When handling a halogen bulb, it is best to use the original packaging - your skin touches only the outside of the packaging and the bulb touches only the inside of the packaging.
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