Wholesale LED Light Bulbs: A Complete Guide for Buying Online

May 16th 2017

A Complete Guide For Buying Wholesale Light Bulbs OnlineJust like anything else that is for sale online for wholesale prices, purchasing LED light bulbs online for wholesale prices has its benefits. For one, you have more options to choose from—it’s easier to find the light bulbs you want online. Moreover, it’s easier to find lower prices for the light bulbs you want when you shop online. You have access to deals that are not always offered in brick and mortar store locations, like coupon codes and special price reductions for customers who buy products in bulk.

Here is your guide for buying wholesale LED light bulbs on the Internet:

Step 1: Figure Out What You Want

The best part about the Internet is that you can find pretty much anything you want to find for sale online. However, this can also make finding the perfect LED light bulbs for your lighting application difficult—how do you know which light bulbs are the best ones to buy? That’s why we recommend that you do your homework.

Type of Light—to find the perfect light for your lighting application, you have to know what kind of lights work for your specific lighting application. Take into account the base of the light bulb that you need, in addition to color temperature, wattage, glare, and light coverage.

If you think you know what kind of light you need, but you’re not sure if it’s the right one, then find a distributor who will allow you to test its products. Many wholesale distributors allow customers to test their products for a short period of time before committing to buy a higher quantity of products.

Step 2: Look For The Best Possible Prices

Wholesalers are able to offer lower prices for products because wholesalers are generally not centrally located and they purchase high quantities of products at reduced prices directly from manufacturers. Today, wholesalers depend heavily on mail services, like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. However, with online shopping as easy and convenient as it is, that’s exactly why wholesalers thrive. You can’t hold the products in your hands before you buy like you can when you buy light bulbs from Home Depot or other popular retailers, but you can test produ

We recommend customers look around for the best deals once they know what kind of light bulbs they want to buy. Wholesalers already offer unbeatable prices, but they also tend to offer additional savings with coupon codes, special promotions, and extra discounts for customers who buy a high quantity of products.

Additionally, we advice customers to look at the cost of shipping and consider any requirements that apply. For example, Superior Lighting ships orders direct from our warehouse within 48 hours of orders being placed. Before you buy light bulbs from wholesale suppliers, make sure you know how much shipping will cost. Also, see if there is a way to reduce the cost of shipping—like if you spend more money, is the price of shipping reduced or eliminated? However, sometimes larger orders cost more money to ship and the shipping costs are increased.

Buy Wholesale LED Light Bulbs From Superior Lighting

Buying wholesale and online is a win-win. You can save a lot of money and still get amazing products that do the job you need them to do. Take a look at Superior Lighting’s full selection of LED light bulbs and light fixtures today. Call us at 1-888-577-1894 or fill out our online contact form to speak with a lighting expert today.

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