LED Replacement for T8 Fluorescent Tubes

Oct 16th 2017

Why You Should Replace Your T8 Fluorescent Tubes With LEDsLEDs offer numerous benefits over T8 Fluorescent Tubes whether you are an individual, a property manager searching for cost effective outdoor lights, or a business professional who wants to illuminate a warehouse on a budget. Superior Lighting has provided solutions for numerous indoor and outdoor situations. The purpose of this guide is to point out a number of the problems and challenges that come with using T8 Fluorescent Tubes, and how LED lights from Superior Lighting can offer solutions.

The Advantages of LED Lights

There are numerous benefits to LED lighting in general. The first one that cannot be stressed enough is the remarkable longevity of these bulbs. They don’t just outperform fluorescents in this category, they outlast incandescents as well. Despite a higher installation cost, they become cost effective when you see the low electricity bills that come with switching to this type of bulb. They are also more durable physically speaking. They are constructed of more durable materials that will perform better in harsh environments, or crowded and busy work spaces. They also throw far less heat than other types of bulbs, which can be an incredibly useful feature depending on the context and industry of their use.

See the following LED lights from Superior Lighting:

Drawbacks of using T8 Fluorescent Tubes

If you are at a point where you have made the decision to accept a high initial installation cost, T8 fluorescents will not save you as much money over time as LEDs. You will also find that fluorescent lights are not nearly as customizable as LEDs. They are not always dimmable. Some models tend to produce an irritating buzzing noise which can be grating to employees or customers depending on where these lights are installed. Fluorescents may flicker as well, another irritating aspect. Obviously some of these are related to the manufacturer, but since we have been speaking in the context of cost efficiency, you may encounter them with the models that suit your budget.

The mercury content of fluorescent bulbs is one of the biggest drawbacks to this technology. Clients of Superior Lighting may be searching for an overhead light that can be used in a supermarket or storage warehouse. One accident with a ladder, forklift or broom handle, and suddenly a large volume of product may be rendered unusable due to potential mercury exposure. This highly poisonous substance, while in tiny amounts in fluorescent bulbs, is still nothing to dismiss or take lightly if your employees or products have been exposed to it.

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