How to Choose the Right Outdoor Floodlights to Increase Security

Oct 24th 2017

Outdoor floodlights are an important part of providing security to your business, home, residential property, golf course, or any other location that requires outdoor lighting. A strategically placed security light can dissuade would-be thieves, burglars, and vandals from stealing from you, or damaging and defacing your property with a can of spray paint. If you run a residential property, you also increase the sense of comfort and security for your renters from a psychological standpoint.

Superior Lighting knows that when you’re looking at a light that must be on all night, you want something that maximizes efficiency both in terms of cost and brightness. That’s why we recommend our LED fixtures. These powerful lights will illuminate your area without a doubt, and they are durable enough to withstand the battering elements from pouring rain to burning sun. Continue reading to learn more details about what Superior Lighting offers.

Choose from Numerous Outdoor Floodlights from Superior Lighting

Superior Lighting offers a wide selection of outdoor security floodlights. Some of these are outfitted with motion sensor to discourage unwelcome guests and unwanted critters alike. You will notice that there are lights designed to cover different sized areas, meaning you can maximize the efficiency of your purchase by finding exactly what you need.

Durable, Permanent LED Floodlights

For our customers who plan to install lights in places that may be difficult to reach, our heavy duty floodlight makes an excellent choice. LED lights have such a long life that they are definitely the way to go if changing out the bulb is going to be a chore. The housing on this light is meant to withstand harsh environments, making it a great choice whether you live in snowstorms or sunshine. The long lifespan and low energy use is a great way to save money on electric bills as well.

Parking or Street Lights with Sensors

The LED Parking Lot or Street Light is a newer offering from Superior lighting. It comes in several different wattages, one of which is certain to fit your needs and budget. This light makes a solid choice for a wide variety of situations, and with approximately 50,000 hours of running without maintenance, this one is definitely time efficient too. The beauty of an LED with a sensor is that not only does it save energy simply by being an LED, it only switches on when needed. It’s about as efficient as it gets.

Contact Superior Lighting for More Information About Outdoor Security Floodlights

Whether you need to light a doorway or an entire parking lot, Superior Lighting is confident we can find the right solution for you. Our LED bulbs will keep shining through the worst weather, keeping your outdoor locations safely lit. This will save you money spent constantly buying new bulbs, and time spent getting to a hard-to-reach outdoor area for replacement. Contact us by calling 1-888-577-1894 or see prices and styles on our website. We look forward to working with you.

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