Guide to Buying Equivalent Wattage LED Lights

Oct 25th 2016

Back in the day when incandescent lighting was the norm, replacing burnt out light bulbs was a breeze. Basically all a person had to do was take a quick look at the wattage of an old bulb and replace it with a new bulb of the same wattage. Today, with the ever-growing incorporation of energy-efficient LED lighting, the task of replacing incandescent and other traditional light options with LEDs is not as simple as matching up the wattages.

Don’t Confuse Wattage with Lumens

Many people looking to replace traditional lighting with LEDS assume that the wattages of the old and new bulbs should match up because they, like many others, mistakenly associate wattage with light brightness; however, wattage does not represent the brightness of light bulbs. Wattage measures the amount of energy used by light bulbs. Lumens measure brightness. Therefore, when replacing traditional lighting with LEDs, the lumens of the old and new bulbs should be matched, not the wattages.

Match Brightness, Not Wattage

Before purchasing LEDs to replace incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), or other traditional lighting options, buyers should consider the desired brightness for the light(s) being replaced. For example, a 60-watt incandescent light bulb gives approximately 800 lumens; therefore, to replace a 60-watt incandescent bulb with a LED bulb of the same brightness, one should purchase a LED bulb that also gives 800 lumens. A 60-watt incandescent light bulb can be replaced with a 10-watt LED.

Replace Incandescent and CFL Bulbs with LEDs

  1. A. 40-watt incandescent and 9-13 watt CFL bulbs give 450 lumens and can be replaced with 4-5 watt LEDs
  2. B. 60-watt incandescent and 13-18 watt CFL bulbs give 750 to 900 lumens and can be replaced with 6-8 watt LEDs
  3. C. 75-100 watt incandescent and 18-22 watt CFL bulbs give 1100 to 1300 lumens and can be replaced with 9-13 watt LEDs
  4. D. 100-watt incandescent and 23-30 watt CFL bulbs give 1600 to 1800 lumens and can be replaced with 16-20 watt LEDs
  5. E. 150-watt incandescent and 50-55 watt CFL bulbs give 2600 to 2800 lumens and can be replaced with 25-28 watt LEDs.

Superior Lighting Makes Replacing Traditional Lighting Easy

Let’s pretend you are the owner of a warehouse and you want to lower the costs of energy for your building, in addition to reducing the necessity of frequent light maintenance. You have a number of metal halide wall pack security lights installed on the outside of your warehouse and you want to replace them with LEDs, but you don’t know which wattage to pick…

Superior Lighting, an authorized distributor or LED lighting and fixtures, makes the replacement process simple by displaying equivalent wattages on our website. For customers looking to purchase LED replacements for metal halide wall pack security lights, he or she can simply choose the wattage of the light being replaced. For example, to replace a 170-watt metal halide light, Superior Lighting tells customers that a 45-watt LED is a suitable replacement.

Replace Traditional Lighting With Superior Lighting Today

If you are ready to replace outdated and traditional light options with energy-efficient and long lasting LED lighting, then visit Superior Lighting’s website to view our wide selection of LED light options.

Take advantage of the equivalent wattages Superior Lighting provides for customers looking to replace traditional light solutions. If you need assistance determining which LED light option is appropriate to replace your traditional lighting, Superior Lighting’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help.

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