Fluorescent Tubes LED Replacement With No Wiring

Dec 29th 2017

Fluorescent Tubes LED Replacement With No WiringHaving to rewire lighting fixtures can be a bit tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are lighting products on the market that can eliminate these problems with Fluorescent LED Tube Replacements with No Wiring. This is an ideal energy-efficient option for existing linear fluorescent fixtures.

The Benefits of 4 Foot Instant Fit LED Fluorescent Tube with No Rewiring

Functioning as a direct replacement solution for a T8 light bulb, the 4 Foot Instant Fit LED Fluorescent Tube with No Rewiring comes with many benefits, including:

· Quick and easy installation (simply twist in)

· No need to remove existing ballasts

· Time savings

· Reduced maintenance

· Lessened A/C load

· Cost savings from no longer needing to rewire fixtures

· Long-term energy savings with only 15 watts of energy being utilized

This LED Fluorescent Tube can reduce your energy expenditure by as much as 50% compared to traditional 32-watt T8 fluorescent tubes.

Fluorescent LED Tube Lighting

At Superior Lighting, our customers have found these no wiring lighting solutions to be effective for use in many places, including:

· Stairwells

· Storage closets

· Parking garages

· Office spaces

· Outdoor spaces when not directly exposed to water

With a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and an expected life of 50,000 hours, this lighting solution is built to last.

Fluorescent LED Tube Replacements with No Wiring

There are many other advantages that come along with choosing this environmentally-friendly lighting solution. The Fluorescent LED Tube Replacements with No Wiring sold on our website are:

· 100% recyclable

· Mercury free

· Lead free

· Vibration and shock resistant

· Free of glass, making it practical for use in refrigerated and food areas

With an instant on design, you no longer have to worry about light’s flickering or buzzing again as they turn on as well. On top of all these things, LED lights come with the unique benefit of emitting virtually no UV rays or IR light.

Order Energy-Efficient LED Tube Replacement with No Wiring at an Affordable Price

At Superior Lighting, we’re dedicated to providing energy efficient lighting solutions to our customers at cost effective prices. The 4 Foot Instant Fit LED Fluorescent Tube with No Rewiring is the ideal solution for most individuals looking to update their existing lighting fixtures. This fluorescent lighting product on our website comes standard at 4 feet long, but 2, 3, and 8 foot tube replacements are available upon special request.

If you are looking for other LED tube replacements with no wiring, additional solutions are available on our website. It’s worth checking out some of these LED lighting solutions with no wiring options, including:




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