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LED Office Lighting: The Best Color Temperature To Increase Productivity

LED Office Lighting: the Best Color Temperature to Increase ProductivityFor a while now people have wanted to know more about the positive effects of LED lighting. Many studies have been conducted to find out how much LED lighting impacts the productivity and alertness of people at work and in school. Studies have even been performed on soldiers in the US Army to see how different lighting affects their productivity—soldiers show slower response times on cognitive tasks measuring spatial and verbal memory with fluorescent lighting instead of LED lighting.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about color temperature and how it can positively affect the productivity of people while they’re at work. We’re also going to tell you what color temperatures are the best options for offices. Here we go!

First Things First: What’s Color Temperature?

Easily stated, color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin (K).

The color temperature describes how the light appears when the human eye looks directly at the illuminated bulb.

Bulbs with color temperatures of approximately 2700K appear yellowish white. As the color temperature increases to 3000K and 3500K, the color starts to appear less yellow and whiter. Color temperatures above 5000K appear more bluish white.

Daylight Is Ideal

Here’s the thing, the best type of lighting that an office can have for optimized productivity is good ol’ natural daylight. Unfortunately, there aren’t many offices, or any, that have constant access to natural daylight. Therefore, the next best solution is to mimic natural daylight with artificial light. The color temperature of daylight is typically between 5000K and 7000K. The daylight color temperature at noon is 5600K and sunlight color temperature varies depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

To give the perception of daylight, Superior Lighting suggests offices use light sources with color temperatures of 5000K or higher.

The amount of blue light in the spectrum of light sources increases with increasing color temperature. Higher color temperatures have a greater affect on mental activity, alertness, and the central nervous system.

How LED Lighting Affects Us

Bright white light that mimics daylight can improve performance for people at work. In addition to aiding people visually and helping them complete tasks that are otherwise impossible to complete without artificial light, the brightness and wavelength of ambient light can also impact the human circadian system, biological clock, mood, and alertness.

Researchers have found that exposure to short wavelength or blue light during the day directly improves alertness and performance. Blue-enriched white light stimulates the brain, improves alertness, performance, and sleep quality. The intensity and color temperature of artificial lighting affects physiological processes in the human body, including: blood pressure, heart rate variability, and core temperature.

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It can’t be denied that natural and artificial light affects peoples’ health. Purchase LED office lighting for your office location today. Find the perfect lighting style, wattage, and customization options you need with Superior Lighting today. Visit our website to view our entire selection of LED light fixtures. Reach out to our knowledgeable team with any questions or comments by calling 1-888-352-0492 or fill out our online contact form.

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