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LED Plastic Light Globes

Our Plastic Globes are of the highest quality, most are available in clear, white and smoke color. We have the
following openings:
Neckless, Threaded and Plain Lip.
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How to Measure Plastic Globes

Superior Lighting supplies the highest quality plastic light globes for LED light bulbs. Plastic Light Globes can be mounted on top of lamp posts or secured upside down and sideways. Also, Plastic Light Bulbs can encompass one light bulb or many light bulbs, depending on the lighting application. Superior Lighting offers 3 types of plastic light globes with different openings: Threaded Lip, Neckless, and Plain Lip. Threaded Lip Light Globes have 3.25-inch openings that are 6-inches in diameter; Neckless Light Globes have diameters ranging between 8 and 22 inches; Plain Lip Light Globes are offered with 3.25- and 4-inch openings. Customers can choose between 6, 8, 10, and 12-inch diameters for Plain Lip Light Globes. Customers can choose from a multitude of styles, which includes: white acrylic, clear acrylic, ribbed, acrylic, smoke acrylic, and white lexan polycarbonate. Want to know more about Plastic Light Globes? Don’t hesitate to contact Superior Lighting’s lighting experts today. Visit Superior Lighting’s FAQ page to learn more about bulk buying, fast shipping, try and buy, and more.