Halogen MR16

Halogen MR16

Halogen MR16 bulbs come in different variety of lens and base. Please make sure to match lens style
and base
with one of the categories below. Be prepared to choose your color temperature and wattage.
(2,700k = warm white | 4,100k = cool white | 5,000k = daylight)

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MR16 Halogen Bulb

Superior Lighting sells SYLVANIA's TRU-AIM family of halogen MR16 reflector bulb lamps that provides the widest variety of extremely compact and highly directional light sources in the industry. TRU-AIM lamps provide bright, crisp light while lasting up to 6000 hours. TRU-AIM's exceptional reflector and filament design provides a superior smooth beam pattern. The UV- control capsule reduces UV-radiation up to 90%.
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