T5 Undercabinet

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Buy Linear T5 Ballasts - Electronic Light bulbs from Superior Lighting at wholesale prices. Linear T5 Ballasts - Electronic ballasts replacement should be done every 5 years on fixtures using fluorescent ballasts, HID metal halide ballasts and high pressure sodium ballasts.
  • iColor Keypad

    Color Kinetics

    iColor Keypad

    DescriptionShipping & ReturnsiColor Keypad"Easily configure and control LED light shows"iPlayer 3 Controller Keypad Key Features:iColor Keypad uses onboard lighting effects, eliminating the need for an external data source. Use the iColor Keypad Effect...
  • ColorDial Pro

    Color Kinetics

    ColorDial Pro

    DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQColorDial Pro "Easily configure and control LED light shows" ColorDial Pro Key Features: Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables both electrical power and data to be transmitted over a single twisted-pair...
  • Decora Style Ethernet Controller Keypad

    Color Kinetics

    Decora Style Ethernet Controller Keypad

    DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQDecora Style Ethernet Controller KeypadModel Number: 103-000023-00Ethernet Controller Keypad is a wall-mounted keypad that triggers up to eight light shows at the touch of a button. When used with Light...
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