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  T8 Or T12 To T5 Retrofit Conversion Kit

Superior Lighting T8 Or T12 To T5 Retrofit Conversion Kit Model T5RFK6500
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Product Code: T5RFK6500

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T8 Or T12 To T5 Retrofit Conversion Kit

Model Number: T5RFK6500
The T5 Universal Retrofit kit is a complete conversion system that easily converts any T12 or T8 light fixture into an energy saving T5 Fixture. Just remove the existing ballast and plug the conversion kit into the standard sockets. It includes:
1.T5 Energy saving tube
3.Retrofit adapter
The Adapter allows any T5 tube to be installed into a T8/T12 fixture
The T5 UNIVERSAL RETROFIT KIT can save you Money in many ways. Here are just a few:
•Changing to a T5 Universal Retrofit kit will reduce wattage 15% for T8 Conversions and up to 45% for T12 conversions.
•Changing to a T5 Universal Retrofit kit will produce more light leading to the possibility of de-lamping, saving an additional 25-50% of energy costs.
•Changing to a T5 Universal Retrofit kit will generate less heat due to less reliance on the ballast.
•Changing to a T5 Universal Retrofit kit will provide longer lamp life, so there is less replacing of tubes which means less maintenance and reduced Maintenance Costs
•No starter required which reduces potential problems an draws less electricity
Due to the high quality of lumens the T5 Universal Retrofit Kit opens up the possibility of delamping
(removing a luminaire) the current fixture. This process increases the energy savings to almost 70% and reduces hundreds of pounds of CO2. Here is a chart of savings on an annual basis:
• ENVIRONMENT Reduced Energy Consumption o 28W (T5 & ballast) vs. 46W (T12 & ballast) o Uses 40% less energy than a standard T12 tube & ballast Less Greenhouse gas emissions o Less Energy Consumption = Less Emissions o Smaller tube Because of the smaller size, it needs less material to produce o Less Mercury = Less stress on the Environment ENERGY Longer Lamp Life o Up to 20,000 hours of lamp life which is 2-3x longer than the T12 o More hours = Less changing of tubes Higher Quality of Light o Better quality = Less tubes needs (possible de-lamping) o Less Tubes + Less Energy Consumption = Less Emissions Smaller Tube o Generate Less Heat = Lower A/C usage (up to 15%)